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About Us.


Jersey Stroller Moms is a supportive and motivated group of mothers who complete a unique and challenging total body workout daily. This group accomplishes exciting and challenging workouts at each class to strengthen the core, increase endurance, improve balance and tone the entire body. Each class is different and provides multiple levels of difficulty to ensure success and challenge each mom, including expecting mothers.  Children cheer from the safety of their strollers and complete organized and free play activities at the conclusion of class. JSM provides an atmosphere that promotes team work, friendship, motivation and a healthy lifestyle for both mom and child. This class is always on the move! Check out our video to see JSM in action! 


In the summer,  class is held outdoors in a park setting. The moms and their little ones stay at the park for hours following the class.


Throughout the winter months, the moms workout indoors alongside their little ones, with playtime following the class.


JSM includes monthly Mom’s Night Outs, Organized Playgroups, Birthday Celebrations, Field Trips, Story Time and monthly Running Races.



Burpees, Bumps & Babies
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