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Frequently Asked Questions:



 How can I join JSM?

Your first class is FREE. Come join us at any of our parks when you are ready. Arrive a few minutes early and one of our instructors will assist you and get you started. Once you decide JSM is right for you, you can sign up through this website under Membership.


Who is a Jersey Stroller Mom?

All Moms have the power to be a Jersey Stroller Mom! After all, we make humans!  JSMs are residents from all parts of New Jersey who share a passion for fitness while dedicated to be a positive role model for their children.  We love to support and be social with one another while completing a full body workout. Each workout is leveled to ensure success for all individuals. 


Jersey Stroller Moms include:

-Runners and Non Runners

-Prenatal and postpartum (once cleared from doctors)

-Breastfeeding moms

-Stay at home and working moms

-Moms ... we are all Moms


How is JSM different from a gym with childcare?

JSM involves the children in the workout and we even use our strollers as exercise equipment! Having the children present you can complete an entire workout and spend quality time together. Mom guilt? Nope not here! We also have instructors that design and lead new and challenging workouts at each need to plan or think about what you're going to accomplish! You WILL push yourself harder than you would at the gym. You WILL have a supportive environment and you WILL have accountability. OH and you WILL have fun and love our class.


When is a good time to join JSM?

Moms can join at any time.  Please check our class schedule.  You do not need to make an appointment and your first class is FREE  Please come when your schedule allows. We are a group of prenatal and postpartum moms. Some are joining us at the end of pregnancy while others with two years olds.  Postpartum moms should wait until doctors have given clearance for physically activity. All levels are welcomed and planned for each day.


What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring resistance bands with handles, hand weights and a yoga or non-slip mat. You will also need plenty of water and snacks and small toys for the little one.


What can I expect at my first class?

Each class is one hour long. We start promptly at 9:30 with warm ups and then travel throughout the park. We do not stay in one place so everything you need should fit in your stroller safely.  Moms run or walk to move from place to place.  We use different parts of the park to ensure a full body workout: benches, curbs, the track, bleachers, hills and fields are all incorporated.  As stated above, you need to provide your own resistance bands, weights and a mat.  High energy and motivating music is always played throughout the class.  (You may even hear some Disney if you're lucky!) The conclusion of class takes place at the playground so that the little ones can play. Many moms stay at the park for free play and socialize after class.


When is playgroup?

Playgroup is led voluntarily by a JSM. Each month a JSM will pick a fun, age appropriate activity to complete directly after class at the park. Playgroup is for ALL JSM families and does not have a cost. All Playgroup dates and details will be listed under events on the JSM Facebook page. Children also play each day after class for as long as we'd like. Often, moms stay for about 30-60 mins after class to socialize.


When are JSM Field trips?

Once a month (during the warmer months) we will try to do a destination class where we complete our hour workout and then have a fun activity or outing for the babies. All Field trips are listed under events on the JSM Facebook page.


What to expect if you're expecting?

All exercises have different leveled options. Expectant mothers should specifically listen to their doctors instructions and their own body. Alternative exercises are given when necessary. Even moms at 40 weeks can benefit from JSM class.


What if I'm already in great shape?

Fantastic!! We will continue to push you above and beyond.  Due to the leveled abilities moms are able to push themselves at their own level and continue to grow physically.


What if my child is unhappy during class?

Children first! The instructor will play with puppets, bring bubbles and sing to children. In the event there is still unhappiness moms can take a short run or walk, take a time out to feed baby or do whatever necessary to assist in helping baby. Our goal is to have each mom get the hour to workout but sometimes that just isn't possible. But the good news is we are ALL moms and we've ALL been there.


What if class is cancelled?

In the event that an instructor is sick or that the weather is not safe to complete workouts, class can be cancelled. Cancellations will be posted on the Jersey Stroller Moms Facebook page. Please check before heading to class each day.  Classes can also be held at our indoor location, pending availability.


What happens when it gets too cold to workout outside?

JSM moves indoors for the winter! Please see locations below. JSM will be year round and continue to give moms a place to workout and kids a fun place to play with their friends. JSM will adhere to the Freehold/Manalapan School district closings.  If either district is delayed or closed,  JSM will not meet that day. Unfortunately, there will be no makeup class. Safety is our number one priority.


How do I sign up?

Please come to your first class for FREE! You don't need to schedule your first class but you can always contact us at if you have questions or want to let us know you're coming.  Show up with your best workout buddy and be ready to have a great workout.  Once you've decided that JSM is right for you, you can sign up online on our MEMBERSHIP page.   It is a monthly membership that auto renews each month on the day you first signed up. There is no registration fees or contracts.  Memberships can be changed or canceled with 30 days notice. No exceptions. No refunds.


How do I contact JSM?

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Page from this website or email



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